[How do pickles get salty?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How do pickles get salty?
】 _How to do_How to do

As the name suggests, pickles are mainly salty. What ingredients are used depends on everyone’s taste.

For example, some people like chilli pickles, some people like cucumber pickles, and some people like vegetables or Chinese cabbage. These ingredients are very delicious.

However, some people do not control the amount of salt in pickles, which results in pickles being too salty.

So, how do pickles get salty?

Pickled pickles are too salty 1. If pickled pickles are too salty, you can have water before eating. If the saltiness is too high, you can have a glass before eating.

2. When you eat, you can add a little sugar and vinegar, which can cover the saltiness of a little bit of pickles.

Pickled vegetables are a delicious pancake.

Marinating is to allow salt to penetrate into food tissues in large quantities to achieve the purpose of preserving food. These cured foods are called preserved products.

Salted products include pickled vegetables, cured meats, pickled poultry eggs, pickled gherkins, pickled dried radishes, etc.

What soy sauce is used for pickling pickles is good with raw soy sauce, it has the flavor of soy sauce, the color of old soy sauce is too strong, and the taste is not as good as raw soy sauce.

Raw soy sauce is the umami of conditioning dishes, and old soy sauce is mainly doped.

How to pickle pickled dried hot and spicy radish Ingredients: Wash and cut 5000 grams of fresh radish into a thicker strip than chopsticks, about two inches long, and dry into 500 grams of dried radish.

Ingredients: 2000 grams of water, 800 grams of vinegar, 100 grams of salt, 250 grams of sugar, Shisanxiang, appropriate amount of chili oil, MSG.

Production method: add water, vinegar, thirteen incense, and salt to the pot and boil, put MSG when the fire is stopped, cool down and set aside; put the dried radish and chilli oil in a container of pickled vegetables and mix well, thenSprinkle white sugar on top, then pour the dried juice into the container; after that, stir it once or twice a day (preferably with a fixed pair of chopsticks), and it can be eaten for about 7 days.

The taste is sweet and sour, slightly spicy, bright in color, blue and white and red, making it a good companion for breakfast and dinner.

[How Many Calories in a Bread]_Energy_With Nutritional Value

[How Many Calories in a Bread]_Energy_With Nutritional Value

Many people at the weight loss stage are trying to go on a diet. There are a lot of foods that are afraid to eat. They are afraid that their weight loss will be greatly affected after they are introduced. Even before bread,It is necessary to study how many calories will be ingested by your body. In fact, the calories in most breads are not too high, unless it contains supplements such as cream.

[Danish-style bread]contains several times more fat than white bread, about 30% of fat and wrapping fillings, to supplement the calories consumed in working in cold areas. When we know that the oxidation of the aunt must be matched with sugar, soWe must consume the right amount of trace and sugars at the same time every day in order to fit the principle of nutrition.

[Sweet bread]The beautiful appearance and sweet and delicious taste are the characteristics of this type of bread. Generally, eggs and fillings are added during the production, so most of the vitamins and minerals are also provided.

[Mutan bread]Wheat rind contains a large amount of vitamin B, and when this type of bread is made, about 15% wheat gluten is added. At the same time, we know that vitamin B can prevent beriberi and nutritional nerve cells.

[Cheese bread]contains about 23 protein per 100 grams of cheese.

9 grams.

Aunt 32.

3 grams.

Sugar 1.

7 grams.

873 mg of calcium and other minerals, vitamins, etc.

And usually cheese bread contains about 10% cheese.

[Raisin bread]Grapes that are more nutritious than other fruits increase the nutrition in the bread. Such bread generally contains more than 50% raisins.

[French toast]belongs to French cuisine, the main raw material is bread, the taste is sweet and sour, the process is fried, the difficulty belongs to intermediate D.

Vitamin D-It exists in two forms, D2 and D3, and will initially be dissolved in a vegetable oil that can be used for bread.

After roasting, vitamin D remains.

For example, two pounds of dough originally contained 280 units of vitamin D, and still contained 247 units after making bread.

At one time, this ultraviolet light was used to illuminate the dough, but the amount of vitamin D added was very small, only to ensure that D2 is effective.

From the viewpoint of children’s diet, it is extremely beneficial to consume bread containing this vitamin, but there are restrictions on which kind of vitamin can be used.


Vitamin E-Contained in germ bread.

The nutritional ingredients include protein, traces, impurities, a small amount of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. They have various flavors, are easy to digest, absorb, and are easy to eat. They are popular in daily life.

More popular are cereal bread and whole wheat bread.

Cereal bread uses a lot of grains and nuts as raw materials. It is rich in supplementary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, which can help improve metabolism and be good for your health.

Whole wheat bread is rich in dietary fiber, and people will feel full sooner, which indirectly reduces their intake.

The same is true for bread. Eating whole wheat bread is better than white bread for weight loss.

Bread is soft and easy to digest without causing damage to the body.

In bread, starch sugar accounts for about 60%, plant protein exceeds 10%, and also contains minerals and B vitamins.

For breakfast, you can choose cereal bread and whole wheat bread, and a glass of milk. If possible, add some fruits and vegetables to supplement your nutrition.

[Can you apply Huoxue Analgesic Cream during lactation]_Prenatal period_Impact

[Can you apply Huoxue Analgesic Cream during lactation]_Prenatal period_Impact

Many people often experience blood non-circulation during breastfeeding. Once there is pain, it is necessary to pay attention to it at this time. Some methods will be used for treatment, but because they cannot take medicine, they will choose external medicine.Cream, but because it is considered to have a medicinal effect, it is not recommended for a pregnant woman. In addition, this is a topical medicine, and there are many precautions to be aware of during use.

The reaction occasionally showed local skin flushing, itchy ulcers, or pimples.

Contraindications for pregnant women.

Note 1.

This product is for external use.


Avoid cold, greasy food.


Ruptured skin or infected area.


Glaucoma and patients with enlarged prostate should be used under the guidance of a physician.


Menstrual and lactating women with caution.

Children, elderly and infirm should be used under the guidance of a physician.


This product is not suitable for long-term or large-scale use. When skin allergies such as pruritus and rash appear after using the drug, stop using it. Those with severe symptoms should go to the hospital for treatment.


Symptoms do not resolve after 3 days of medication, and should go to the hospital for treatment.


Supplement for those who are allergic to this product, and those with allergies should use it with caution.


It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.


Children must be used under adult supervision.


Keep this product out of the reach of children.


If you are using other medicines, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product.

Prescription Baiji 45g, Peony Peel 10g, Nepeta 20g, Dried Ginger 80g, Asarum 20g, Shannai 45g, Raw Tiannanxing 25g, Pepper 10g, Chuanxiong 15g, Duhuo 15g, Myrrh 10g, Xiangjiapi 20g, Cloves 25g, Raw HalfSummer 40g, Gansong 40g, Angelica 25g, Borneol 20g, Frankincense 10g, Cinnamon Stick 20g, Hu spicy 25g, Atractylodes 10g, Chenpi 45g, Xinyi 15g, Menthol 20g, Rhubarb 40g, Camphor 20g, Belladonna Stream Extract 30g,30 g of methyl salicylate.

Twenty-eight flavors of the above method, except for menthol, borneol, methyl salicylate, belladonna extract, camphor; the other twenty-three flavors of paeony, etc. are crushed into coarse powder, under the flow extract and extractThe percolation method (page 11 of the appendix) uses 90% ethanol as a solvent to percolate, collect the percolate, and the percolate is concentrated to a relative density of about 1.

05 cream, add the above five flavors of menthol, stir well, and add 4.

5 times the weight of the base made of rubber, rosin, etc., to make coatings, paste, cut into sections, cover lining, slice, and get.

Properties This product is light brown yellow to orange yellow flake rubber paste; gas aroma.

Check the content of the paste. According to the method for measuring the amount of paste under the rubber paste (Appendix 2 page), use chloroform as the solvent, and the amount of paste should be no less than 1 per 100 cm.

6g other should comply with the relevant provisions under the rubber paste (Appendix 2 page).

Function to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, relax muscles and channels.

It is used for bone pain, muscle paralysis, pulmonary nucleus injection, joint pain.

Apply the affected area appropriately.
Specification 6.
5 × 5cm store tightly and avoid heat.

Remark The upside down eggplant extract contains alkaloids as hydrazone (C17H23O3N) and should be 1.


50% (g / ml), others should comply with the relevant provisions of the belladonna extract of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 1985.

[Simple Method of Braised Pork Rice]_ Production Method _ Method Daquan

[Simple Method of Braised Pork Rice]_ Production Method _ Method Daquan

China is a country with vast land and resources. Due to the influence of factors such as its climate and terrain, various regions have also produced a lot of special foods, which are loved by the local people. Braised pork rice is one of the very famous foods in Taiwan.You can only eat authentic braised pork rice when you go to Taiwan. In fact, as long as you learn the simple recipes of braised pork rice, you can feel the deliciousness of braised pork rice at home.

Method 1: make pork belly pork quail eggs, rice salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, starch, star anise, cinnamon, clove, fragrant leaf, green onion, ginger. Production process 1. Cut the shallot into sections, slice ginger, and pork belly.Knife blades; 2. Pour oil into the pot, add white sugar fire to fry sugar into dark red, add soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, pour an appropriate amount of water, add star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fragrant leavesAfter the water is boiled, add pork belly and transfer to medium pressure cooker for 10 minutes. 3. Put quail eggs and stew for 5 minutes after opening the lid. Turn off the heat and take out the meat.Add quail eggs and water starch, stir in the minced meat, drizzle the sesame oil and pour it over the rice.

Method 2 Taiwan Braised Pork Rice Taiwan has a variety of food snacks, but to say that the most famous of them is the Braised Pork Rice and Chiayi Chicken Rice.

It is said that the unique flavor of braised pork rice is only made by Taiwanese around the world.

So, a bowl of authentic braised pork rice must have certain conditions?

The rice must be fragrant and tough, the braised meat must be juicy, plump and not greasy, and the crispy and delicious pickled pickles must be rejected.

To make such a delicious braised pork rice, the key is that the meat must be deodorized first, and then it must be braised to taste. If it is not put in place, the taste of braised pork rice will be compromised.

Ingredients: 300 grams of fat and thin meat, half of onion, half of onion, 2 dried shiitake mushrooms, onion ginger garlic seasoning: old soy, salt, sugar, cooking wine, pepper powder, spiced powderDiced (minced mushroom water preserved), diced onion.

(2) After the oil is hot, add the onion ginger and garlic, stir-fry and then add the onions in order, stir-fry the mushrooms, and stir-fry the minced meat.

(3) After the meat is discolored, add 1 spoon of cooking wine, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, 1 spoon of salt, 2 spoon of sugar, pepper, and spiced powder, stir-fry.

(4) Transfer the stir-fried ingredients to the casserole, add mushroom water, broth, and cover with high heat to boil, remove the floating impurities, then cover with low heat and simmer for about 45 minutes.

At this time, the minced meat will become fragrant and strong!

Tips for making (1) Don’t collect the gravy too dry, leave some thick juice on top of the rice (2) Add a spoonful of olive oil before the rice, and the rice will have a strong flavor?
(3) For braised meat, you need to simmer the water before cutting the dices. It takes some work, but it guarantees the flexibility of the meat.

Slowly simmer over low heat to boil the fats and gelatin of the skin to make the soup thick and savory; to boil the fat at the entrance, the lean meat is soft and fragrant, and the entrance is easy;Saturated fatty acids are significantly reduced, which is good for your health.

If you are lazy, trapped with ground meat, or have insufficient cooking time, you must not taste the unique charm of braised meat.

Method 3 Production process 1. White rice: choose your favorite method (steam or cook) 2. Make scallion crisps: several cloves of red onion, peel and cut into thin circles.

Sprinkle some starch and mix well.

Heat the pan over medium heat, add oil, fry and sauté the onion rings, remove the oil, and put oil on kitchen towels for later use.

3. Wash and dry the pork belly, put it in the refrigerator freezer for 20 minutes and cut into small pieces, and cut into small pieces with the meat on the belt, so that the taste is better.

4. Ginger, garlic, washed and chopped, heat over medium heat, use any oil to sauté.

(Dosage is only about half of that in the photo.) 5. Put the pork belly into the pot and stir fry slowly until slightly colored to force out excess oil.

Add the right amount of soy sauce, 1 star anise, the right amount of wine, the flavor of rock sugar, the allspice powder, the right amount of pepper, the scallion and warm water (you can control the amount of water).

After stir-frying over high heat, bring to a casserole and simmer on low heat.

The book says halogen for 2 hours.

Time is limited, I have been halogenated for less than an hour or so, I feel enough.

When braised, several cooked and peeled eggs are added with braised.

Finally, a bowl of white rice, topped with marinated gravy, and topped with marinated eggs, serve a plate of vegetables.

Method 4 Make ingredients brine, 200 grams of pork, 4 eggs of garlic, 4 cloves of garlic, 200 grams of red onion, brine (see here for the practice), rice, vegetables making process 1. Pork cuts the fat and lean meat into small pieces and cuts the onion.Small pieces, chopped garlic; 2, burn a small amount of hot oil in the pot, boil the fat pork; 3, add garlic and onion, stir-fry and change color; 4, lower the meat, stir-fry; 5, add brine, just before the meatThen, after boiling, add the peeled marinated eggs; 6. Boil on low heat for 30 minutes, collect the juice, and serve on rice.

You can boil the vegetables with boiling water.

Making Tips 1. To understand the greasiness, braised pork rice is usually served with vegetables, as a light method, just click for a moment.

Can be placed next to the meat or alone.

2. Onion is very important, it is best to use red onion.

Stir-fry the onion and change the flavor to add the flavour before putting the meat. 3. Add the brine and cook more to let the juice penetrate into the meat.

[Boil beef soup]_ practices _ how to do

[Boil beef soup]_ practices _ how to do

Niu Dali is a kind of wild soup soup. Hakka people often use it to drink soup. Niu Dali can cook soup and drink. It has many benefits to the human body. Niu Da can strengthen the physique, is good for the human bones, can improve human fatigue, and waist muscles.Strained people can use cattle vigorously to improve. Niu Dali can help women with pelvic inflammatory disease and uterine droop. What can Niu Dali do to make soup?

Let ‘s take a look next.


How to use Niuli Dali to cook soup Niuli Dali is one of Heyuan’s specialty wild soup ingredients. Hakka people often use it.

Cook together with Poria, Chixiaodou and so on.

Stew the beef vigorously with Poria cocos and pork bones, and finally add salt to eat.

The hot taste good, and meat soup, but also to enhance physical fitness.


Beef and chestnut oyster soup soup ingredients: fresh beef vigorously two or two, chestnuts two or two, oysters two or two, pig?

Six or two, season the right amount.

1. The cow vigorously dips and cuts the sections; boil water.

2. Dip the oyster ravioli clean.

3. Remove the chestnuts.

4. Put all the ingredients in a clay pot, add water for about three hours, and season the soup with the soup.


Raw materials of beef bone eucommia ulmoides eucommia: three or two for fresh beef, five eucommia ulmoides, one pound for Xi Shi bones, eight red dates (coreless), seasoning right amount.

1. The cattle dip vigorously and cut into sections.

2, Xi Shi bone water.

3. Eucommia ulmoides and red dates.

4. Put all the ingredients in a clay pot, add water for about three hours, and replace them with the seasoning.


What’s the effect of beef vigorously cooking soup? Through soup cooking, regular use can help keep the function of muscles and bones normal, alleviate muscle and bone fatigue, and reduce physical damage to the body.

At the same time, for kidney deficiency, back pain, lumbar muscle strain, hand and foot weakness, and decreased libido.

It has auxiliary effects on diseases such as gastric droop, uterine droop, lumbar muscle strain, pelvic inflammatory disease, joint strain, rheumatic bone pain and other diseases.

Note: Niu Dali leaves can also be used for soup. Niu Dali leaves have the functions of evacuating wind heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, and can also treat wind fever, sore throat, lung deficiency cough, etc., and also have blood circulation, treat chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitisAnd other effects.

At the same time, Niu Dali’s stems and flowers have health care value. It can be said that Niu Dali’s whole body is precious and can be used as medicinal materials. The medicinal health value is very high.

Let 嘿咻 do health care for the body

Let “嘿咻” do health care for the body

“嘿咻” can cure diseases, isn’t it a fantasy?
Indeed, a beautiful sex life has an unexpected relief and inhibition of the physical condition of women and men.
  呵护她  有利于消除女性失眠现象  有没有想过,女性比男性更容易失眠,有可能是受不和谐性生活的影响7女性的性欲有一个较长的发动过程,“平台”期也较长,Even if the orgasm is reached, the decline of sexual desire is very slow. Therefore, women’s feelings about sex are more difficult to achieve than men. Imperfect sex life is an important reason for women’s insomnia.
  Care for the heart: After a harmonious sexual life, the nervous and excited body begins to relax, the muscles are stretched in the tiredness after the satisfaction, and the sleepiness will naturally come.
And the more sexual life is, the easier it is to fall asleep afterwards.
  减轻经期前的综合症  每月不请自来的经前综合征困扰着不少女性,这是因为女性在月经前的5-7天内,流入骨盆的血液增加,有可能引起肿胀和痉挛,导致Bloating or abdominal pain: These symptoms can cause blood supply to the brain to decrease, leading to headaches, nervousness, restlessness and other symptoms.
  Care for the heart language: Through the muscle contraction exercise in sexual life, it can accelerate the blood out of the pelvic area, enter the blood circulation, and reduce the pelvic pressure; also restore the blood supply to the brain, thereby reducing abdominal and mental discomfortsymptom.
  Semen helps women to vaginal disinfection Women who have no sex for a long time are more likely to suffer from vaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis and other diseases.
Of course, this refers to the semen of healthy men. If men do not pay attention to hygiene, or are infected with diseases, or drink after sex, such semen only damages the female vagina.
  Care for the heart: There is an antibacterial substance in semen – semen cytoplasmic cytoplasm, which can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcal and other pathogenic bacteria, can help female genitals from microbial invasion.
  减轻或缓解疼痛症  有些痛经的女性,自从有了正常规律的性生活之后,痛经就随之消失了:还有些女性因两地分居,经常犯头痛病,当丈夫出差或留学回来,她的头痛Enough.
It sounds a bit fascinating. Does sex have the same effect as aspirin?
  Care for the heart: The excitement of sex can stimulate the brain to secrete a chemical called a polyphenol, which effectively reduces the pain in all parts of the body.
Of course, the role of sex in relieving pain is far from this point. The more reason is that it brings relaxation to the whole body and mind of women and relieves their nervous emotions.
  Promoting female reproductive health Sexual life promotes female reproductive health, and estrogen enables women to maintain a good structure and function of the blood circulation system.
Women with regular sex life have higher estrogen levels than women who occasionally have sex.
  Care for the heart: regular and harmonious sexual life can strengthen the physiological function of the ovary, normal menstruation, can also delay menopause, and each one-time love will increase the secretions of the genitals, prevent vaginal mucosa from drying.
These are beneficial to improve the vaginal disease prevention ability and promote female reproductive health.
  Slowing down female aging After 35 years of age, ovarian function begins to degenerate, estrogen secretion decreases, estrogen levels are out of balance, and female aging is followed.
Is there no way to retain youth?
Of course, in addition to a good lifestyle, good exercise habits, and a good sexual experience.
  Care for the heart: Through sex, you can regulate women’s cholesterol, maintain bone density, and slow the level of estrogen loss.
Sexuality may also make women’s muscles stronger, making the whole person look lighter and more flexible, thus slowing women’s aging.
  Health care helps to protect young minds Most men with strong sexual desires generally show strong energy, memory and willpower, which also shows that proper sex life does have a certain effect on brain health.
  Health Heart: Appropriate sex life helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, and memory is also strong.
However, this can only be within the “appropriate” range. If it is too frequent, the sexual life will only bring damage to the brain.
  减少心脏病和心肌梗塞  心脏病专家对131名男子进行观察,发现他们在心脏病发作前约有近2/3的人受到性生活障碍的困扰,而经常拥有和谐性生活的夫妻,发生心脏病The danger is at least 10% less than the average person.
  Health Heart: Sexual life can make men’s pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, spine more active, promote blood circulation, enhance heart function and vital capacity.
  Promote blood circulation, reduce skin diseases Skin diseases such as acne and acne dark spots are related to poor blood circulation of the skin. In addition to diet, it is necessary to control sugar, fat and high protein intake, and should also strive to create a harmonious sex life.
  Health Heart: Moderate sex will accelerate blood circulation, balance metabolism, and skin friction in sex, can also increase the vitality of the skin, make the skin smooth and delicate, and play a role in preventing skin diseases.
  Improve the immune system’s disease resistance Modern civilized life makes people’s immune system more vulnerable than ever. Colds, high blood pressure, and various ulcers are often hidden.
Even if a strong man does not pay attention to protecting the immune system, it is inevitable that there will be defenses.
  Health Heart: Sexual life can make adrenaline balance, muscles contract first, then relax, thus forming a virtuous circle, so that the immune system can maintain a good state.
Need to be reminded that unclean sex life will only cause damage to the body’s immune system, affecting physical and mental health.
  使男性的肌肉更发达  男性都想要宽宽的肩膀和厚厚的肱二头肌,似乎拥有了这些可以更好的征服女性,其实,完全可以换一个角度去考虑,多做和谐的性运动You can also have “build your body” and exercise strong muscles.
  Health Heart: Sexual life can increase the amount of testosterone secretion in men, increase the weight of men, improve the muscles, improve the bone marrow hematopoietic function, and reduce the accumulation of body fat, making men both inside and outside strong.
  Conducive to alleviating mental stress Some men have intentionally or unintentionally choose to use sexual life to relieve mental stress. Appropriate sexual life can indeed alleviate male stress and promote harmony between husband and wife.
From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the effect of yin and yang balance.  Health Heart: When psychological stress makes people nervous, sex has an unexpected relaxation effect.

Sexuality can promote the body’s metabolism, making people feel refreshed and radiant.

However, the “sex” decompression should be appropriate, and appropriate “sex” can form a virtuous circle that promotes health and promotes feelings.

Looking for the original scenery of the Northern Wilderness

Looking for the original scenery of the “Northern Wilderness”

The Sanjiang Plain of Heilongjiang, I like photography because I like to travel, and I like to travel because I like photography.
In fact, the mountains and rivers are always beautiful. When you go where you like, you can shoot them. The important thing is to enjoy the process.
It is of course good luck to have a good work, even if it is not, at least it has been seen in the water of that mountain.
  In the long history, the people of all ethnic groups living in the Sanjiang Plain have made outstanding contributions to the development, construction and protection of the vast territory of the motherland, and have created a glorious history and splendid culture.
With the unremitting exploitation of hundreds of thousands of officers and soldiers and “knowledge youth”, the construction of frontiers and the generations of “Beibei Wilderness”, the Sanjiang Plain presents a modern agricultural landscape that is flourishing in front of us.
  Natural landscape ★★★★★ The Sanjiang Plain is an alluvial plain formed by the continuous migration and flooding of the Wusuli River, Songhua River and Heilongjiang River. The terrain is low and the slope is extremely slow. Most riverbeds are narrow, the river is curved, and even there is no obvious river channel.The swampy rivers have poor venting and good catchment conditions, thus aggravating the surface water and forming a large area of swamp development.
These swamps are a special natural landscape formed by the interaction of many natural factors, including the landforms of the marshes, the development of swampy rivers, the cold and humid climate, the distribution of permafrost and impervious layers, and theirAdaptation of the growth of marsh wet plants, etc.
In the cold, wet and watery environment, the marsh and wet plants such as Carex, Lobelia, and Marsh will proliferate, and the coverage rate is over 70%.
The water, soil and grass are mutually bonded and concentrated, which forms the superior conditions for the development of various production and management such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.
  As we walked through the narrow waterways leading to the wetland buffer zone, we continued to have a group of waterfowl wandering around, which surprised us.
The manager of the wetland told me whether the protection of the wetland is satisfactory and the most intuitive sight is the number of birds.
The resources of the birds here are very rich, especially in the spring and autumn of each year, a large number of waterfowl are inhabited and clustered here, and the scene of flying all over the sky is spectacular.
  Located in the northeastern part of the Sanjiang Plain, Fuyuan County is known as “the place where the motherland first greeted the morning glow” because it is located in the easternmost part of China.
The Ussuri River and Heilongjiang River surround the county’s east and north borders and form a delta in the northeast corner. The water is vast and is the largest producer of salmon in China.
The squid is also known as salmon (the “salmon” we eat every day), with a maximum annual output of more than 1,800 tons.
Every year from early September to early October, when the carp swim back here, they are caught in large quantities. Together with the valuable fish seeds, they are sold to the whole country and the rest of the world. The Cantonese people who are at the southern end of our country are also satisfied.
  The Sanjiang Plain is a green ocean with a breeze blowing, green waves swaying, the sky bright, and the water is generally clean.
Flocks of cattle and sheep are dotted on the vast meadows, picturesque.
  The special climate, topography and hydrology have made the Sanjiang Plain wetland with deep water marshes as the main body well-developed and well-developed, and have typical inland wetlands and marsh waters. It is the original marsh wetland ecosystem.miniature.
  Human landscape ★★★★ Historically, the Sanjiang Plain used to be a place of life for the Manchu and Hezhe people who lived on hunting and fishing. Until the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were still swamps and sparsely populated, so it was called the “Beibei Wilderness”.
More than 50 years ago, it was still an inaccessible wasteland. “There was a squid with a squid and a pheasant flying into a rice cooker.” It was a true portrayal of the natural ecology of the Sanjiang Plain at that time.
  Since the 1950s, due to the strategic needs of the country, 140,000 employees and 450,000 knowledgeable youths have responded to the call for the “three sides” in the Sanjiang Plain. After years of land reclamation, transformation, and farming, the former “Big Northern Wilderness” graduallyIt has become a “Northern Okura” and has become an important commodity grain base in Heilongjiang Province and even the country. There are dozens of large grain farms with more than 20,000 hectares of cultivated land, such as Friendship and 852, which are rich in wheat, rice, corn, etc.The total output is up to 15 million tons!
The harvest season in the Sanjiang Plain is exciting.
In the vast fields, the rice ears are fragrant, the wheat waves are rolling, the agricultural machinery is roaring, and the modern farms that are ahead of the national level of farming mechanization are full of vitality, busy and honest.
The marsh and wet flowers are full of colorful and colorful.
  ·友情提示  三江平原的行政区域包括佳木斯市、鹤岗市、双鸭山市、七台河市和鸡西市等所属的21个县(市)和哈尔滨市所属的依兰县,湿地景观主要集中在佳木斯city.
  Transportation: There are no direct flights from Guangzhou to Jiamusi.
You can fly to Beijing or Harbin and then fly to Jiamusi. You can also fly directly to Harbin and transfer to a long-distance bus to Jiamusi.
The wetland landscape of Jiamusi is mainly distributed in Fujin and Tongjiang, especially in the wetland of Fujin.
Visitors can rent a car or take a bus.
  Accommodation: Fujin’s better hotels include Dongfang Building and Fulong Hotel. The facilities are complete and the price is reasonable.
  Catering: The local northeastern cuisine is dominated by salty, fresh and spicy flavors. A variety of snacks and specialty snacks from the Northeast are available, such as the special hot pot of Xiaofeiyang, the fish pot topping of the big pot, and the live fish of the big chicken.Everything is full of praise.

Improve female pear shape and stick to exercise 4 after dinner

Improve female pear shape and stick to exercise 4 after dinner

Many middle-aged women have a well-balanced upper body and a lower body.

I want some kind of “pear-shaped” figure, in addition to the diet, but also let the waist, abdomen, legs move.

After dinner, do some simple moves, insist on doing a few minutes a day, you will find that the original way to keep fit is to “persistence!”

Here’s a good way to get rid of the pear shape.

  Practice the aligned lower abdomen: supine, bend your knees, put your hands straight on the sides of the body, lift the hanging forward, and then use the force on the abdomen to slowly move from 1 to 10 and lift the legs straight forward.The body is in a straight line, then the alignment is bent at a speed of 1 to 5, and the thighs return to their original positions.

This exercise is particularly effective for people with obesity in the lower abdomen.

  Practice the bodybuilding thighs: 1.

Sit on your back, raise your legs upwards, and raise them as far as possible.

Hold the waist with your palms, keep your elbows bent 90 degrees, and your legs facing up, making a circular motion on the bicycle.


The tip of both feet opens to the same width as the shoulder.

The toes are facing forward, each hand holds a dumbbell; when it reaches 5, it slowly squats down, so that the thigh and calf are bent at 90 degrees, and it is like a horse step; when it reaches 10, it slowly rises and the speed slows down.The chest is bent and the thighs force the body to stand straight.


Sitting position, the upper body is straight and the legs are straight and closed.

Initially put the right leg on the straight left leg.

Use both hands to lift the leg and try to be close to the body; maintain the position for 10 to 15 seconds, then relax, then change the left leg, repeat it according to your personal situation, which is subject to less fatigue.

  Practice slim legs: often walk consciously, take more stairs, take the elevator, and occasionally wear low-heeled shoes, which is very helpful for the beauty legs.

When you have time, you can do the heel lift: try to raise the heel, tighten the gastrocnemius completely, inhale when lifting the heel, then stand still for a second, put down the heel and exhale.

People who lack sleep will also gain weight

People who lack sleep will also gain weight

According to US studies, people who have an average sleep time of about 4 hours seem to have a higher probability of 73% than those who sleep more than 7 hours.

  In addition, other studies have shown that sleep time is shortened by as much as 20% of normal time, and food is often eaten, especially if you like to eat sweets, salt is enough to contain foods that are easy to make people fat.

  No matter which aspect, in general, because of lack of sleep, hormone secretion becomes unbalanced, and often the appetite is increased in the abdomen, which is why people become obese.

  Beautiful skin is sleeping out. When you are not getting enough sleep, have you not noticed the acne, sputum and bags under your eyes?

This is the cause of skin metabolic disorders.

Healthy skin regenerates new skin in a 28-day cycle.

The reason why the skin produces obvious wrinkles and lacks luster is that the skin’s newborn life is later than this cycle, and the old keratin will remain on the skin surface.

  The metabolism of the skin is carried out while sleeping.

There is also a particularly active skin metabolism due to personal differences.

It is generally considered to be from about 3 hours of sleep called “NON Rem Sleep”.

NON Rem Sleep is a state of deep sleep without dreaming, during which the “growth hormone” that promotes skin metabolism is secreted.

  The secretion of growth hormone begins to decrease from the age of 20, and it is important to stay asleep in order to stay young and to try to secrete hormones from your body.

  The proof of a good night’s sleep is that there is a personal difference in sleep that sleeps naturally.

For us, it is generally considered that it is most suitable for about 6 to 8 hours.

Because it is the most suitable sleep time for us to wake up like a whole body.

Look for that state as your target for your sleep time!

  Aroma and flame dancing good sleep promotes the growth of hormones and the metabolism of the skin, we also understand that good sleep may be resistant to skin aging.

However, because work and private affairs are gradually uncomfortable and tense, there is a lot of irritability, and it is difficult to sleep well.

  When you can’t sleep because of stress and tension, watch the music that makes people relax while watching the flames of aroma-scented candles.

And in the 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime, the room is filled with aroma that can relax people is a very good thing!

  Recommended for relaxing aromatic oils and aromatic candles are[lavender],[red sandalwood]and[maran oil].

Obesity is easy to induce seven diseases

Obesity is easy to induce seven diseases

Obesity is caused by excessive accumulation of feces in the human body. Generally speaking, obesity is simple obesity, that is, obesity beyond 20% of the standard body weight.

In the past, obesity has always been considered a blessing, but in the past 10 years, the harm of obesity has become more and more recognized by people, especially obesity, which has caused many people to pay attention to the relationship between obesity and disease. Some experts pointed out that obesity is easy to causeSeven diseases.



A study by medical experts found that people with upper body obesity are prone to diabetes, and those with obesity have a positive correlation with the prevalence of diabetes.

Moreover, men’s waist circumference ≥ 85cm, women ≥ 80cm, the risk of diabetes is quite high, according to statistics, the number of diabetic patients in obese people is four times that of non-obese people, and this proportion is increased more than the degree of obesity.



The prevalence of cancer in obese people far exceeds the prevalence of cancer in normal weight, especially among women.

Women with diabetes have a three-fold increased risk of cancer, uterine and cervical cancer, and a seven-fold increased risk of endometrial cancer.

The risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer in men with diabetes is also significantly increased.


Coronary heart disease.

According to the Chinese Journal of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, too many relationships with coronary heart disease are very close.

Experts compared the overweight of 35% as a standard, and found that obesity and lean body in coronary heart disease accounted for 49%.

2%, 10.


Because obese people have a slight increase in tissue, the veins are deposited in the arterial wall, resulting in a decrease in lumen diameter and hardening, which is prone to coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, stroke and sudden death.



The metabolic capacity of obese people is reduced, the amount of activity is reduced, the use of free fatty acids by the body is reduced, the accumulation of free fatty acids in blood lipids, and the increase in blood lipid capacity, causing an increase in the incidence of hyperlipidemia.



Hypertension is currently the most common disease. The prevalence rate in China is one in five people over the age of 15 and the total population in the country is one.

6 billion.

At present, the first factor leading to high blood pressure is obesity.

According to the study, the proportion of people with hypertension who suffer from high blood pressure is 20%?
50%, more than the incidence of hypertension in the general population, and as the degree of obesity increases, this ratio will increase exponentially.


Respiratory insufficiency.

Due to the large increase in the number of adult tissues in the body, the human body has an additional burden, because the body’s consumption of oxygen is increased by 30%?

At the same time, obese people have abnormally excessive chest wall and abdominal wall, restricted respiratory activity, superficial breathing, and reduced expiratory volume, resulting in decreased functional residual capacity, resulting in excessive breathing difficulties.

Therefore, obesity patients often suffer from shortness of lung function due to decreased lung function, shortness of breath, fatigue, and fear of heat and sweat.


Hepatic liver.

About half of people with diabetes have mild liver disease, especially those with abdominal obesity.

Obesity due to long-term diet of high-fat foods and the presence of hyperinsulinemia, the rate of liver synthesis of triglycerides greatly exceeds its ability to transport out of the liver, causing triglycerides to accumulate in the liver and fatty liver.