Teach you how to self-care massage chest and abdomen

Teach you how to self-care massage chest and abdomen

The chest and abdomen self-healing massage has the advantages of wide chest and qi, lowering the anti-asthmatic asthma, soothing the liver and relieving depression, strengthening the spleen and stomach, regulating blood and tonifying the kidney and strengthening the yang.

Can be used to treat chest pain, chest tightness, cough, asthma, stomach discomfort, indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc., also have a good effect on abdominal weight loss.

  1 Prepared flat bed, double eyes closed, breathe evenly, left palm stacked on the back of the right hand, gently put the palm of your right hand on the lower abdomen, lying still 1?
3 minutes.

  2 The middle point of the Capricorn will be placed close to the middle point of the palm of the hand, and the force should be used to make the clockwise friction.


1 minute.

It is better to have local fever.

  3 fists up and down will be half-handed fists with both hands, use the force to gently tap the opposite side 0.

5?1 minute, with deep breathing exercise.

  4 Hold the chest muscles and place one thumb in front of the contralateral pectoralis major muscles. Place the remaining 4 fingers on the flank, and use the force to grasp the pectoralis major muscles.

5?1 minute.

Alternate on both sides.

  5 points under the ribs, put the hands and fingers together, placed next to the ipsilateral xiphoid (lower sternum), and push 1 along the ribs?
3 minutes.

  6 groups of the upper abdomen, the left palm of the hand is placed on the back of the right hand, the right palm is placed on the upper abdomen, the appropriate force first clockwise, then counterclockwise ring motion 0.

5?1 minute.

The above abdominal fever is better.

  7揉 Press the middle hand and the middle hand to make a fist. The thumb is straight, and the thumb and abdomen are pressed close to the middle acupoint. Press 揉0 with appropriate force.

5?1 minute.

  8 groups of umbilical week left palm palm stack placed on the back of the right hand, the right palm of the hand under the navel, appropriate force around the umbilical to do a clockwise group neck 1?
3 minutes.

It is better to have abdominal fever.

  9揉 Press the Guanyuan point and hold the fist in the right hand half. The thumb is straight and the thumb is pressed against the Guanyuan point. Press 揉0 with appropriate force.

5?1 minute.

  10 groups of the lower abdomen put the left palm on the back of the right hand, the palm of the right hand on the lower abdomen, press the clockwise first, then press the counterclockwise to make the ring 1?
3 minutes.

It is better to have skin heat.

  The above techniques are done once a day in the morning and evening.

If used for abdominal weight loss, the strength of the technique should be heavier, and the massage should be sustained.

  Small knowledge of the middle point: located in the midline of the sternum, the midpoint of the two nipples, the fourth rib gap.

  Zhongyu Point: Located in the midline of the abdomen, 4 inches above the navel.

  Guanyuan Point: Located in the midline of the abdomen, 3 inches below the navel.

Long walk, not free to lose weight is expected

Long walk, not free to lose weight is expected

Although the long walk is a very safe fitness program, if you can’t grasp the method well, you can’t achieve the desired result.

Prepare for the long walk before carefully selecting a pair of soft-soled sneakers.


hzh {display: none; }  如是专门的跑鞋更好,这样可以缓冲来自脚底的压力,以防止不太运动的关节受到伤害。 Wear a comfortable sportswear.

This makes your mood and body more relaxed, and is truly freed from the pressure of transitional work.

  Prepare a pot of tea water.

Even add some sugar or salt, because tea can thirst, sugar, and salt transfer electrolyte balance in the body.

Choose a suitable exercise route.

It can be a park trail, a school guide, a place near the residence, a place with few people, and a good air, you can drive a car line.

  The body’s oxygen consumption will increase during exercise, such as bad air is not good for the body.

It is necessary to take long time.

Usually in autumn and winter or early spring, the time for long walks is best chosen after the sun rises. At this time, the sky is clear and the oxygen is filled. In summer, it is best to choose the morning or evening, the sun sets, and the heat is distributed.

  Long walks can’t be equal to regular walks, shopping, exercise time at least 3 times a week, and can’t last 30 minutes each time.

Long walks are too casual to reach the goal of fitness. Before going for a long walk, you must do some preparatory activities, such as gently pressing the muscles and ligaments, doing some squat exercises, and letting your heart and muscles enter the state.

  Steps should be slightly larger when walking, and the chest should be abdomen and the abdomen should be seen. The upper body leans forward slightly, causing natural swing, causing concentration and even breathing.

You can’t stop at the beginning of the long walk until the end of the workout.

  The long-distance fitness exercise should be gradual, the exercise intensity should be from small to large, and the exercise time should be short to long.

Don’t forget to do some relaxation after exercise.

Recognize the five misunderstandings of exercise to lose weight

Recognize the five misunderstandings of exercise to lose weight

The correct running posture and method can really lose weight, but some sports lose weight losers will say, how do I get more and more fat?

It seems that running can’t lose weight.

In fact, the failure of many exercise dieters is often associated with wrong ideas and practices.

Beware of running misunderstandings and losing weight.

  One of the misunderstandings: As long as you exercise more, you can achieve the goal of weight loss. Although it can consume the displacement of the human body, the effect of weight loss by exercise alone is not obvious. Research shows that even playing tennis for several hours a day, but just drink one or two to listen to sweet drinks.Or eat a few Western-style cakes, and the hard-working weight loss results will disappear.

Therefore, in order to achieve long-lasting weight loss, in addition to exercise, it should also be a reasonable change from the diet.

  Wrong area 2: Fasting exercise is harmful to health People are always worried that fasting exercise will cause hypoglycemia due to the large consumption of glycogen stored in the body, such as dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, etc., which is not good for health.

However, Dr. Hepa from the Dallas Bodybuilding Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise can be carried out 1-2 hours before the meal (ie, fasting), such as walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., to lose weight.

This is because no new fatty acids enter the fecal cells at that time, and it is easier to consume excess aunts (especially postpartum aunts), and lose weight and exercise after meals.

In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, the heat energy is consumed too much, and the energy stored in the body is sufficient for use without affecting health.

  Misunderstanding 3: 30 minutes of jogging every day to lose weight 30 minutes of jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, but weight loss is very small, practice has proved that only exercise lasts more than about 40 minutes, the human body can be slightlyIt is mobilized to supply energy together with glycogen. Through the extension of exercise time, the proportion of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that the movement of about 40 minutes, regardless of the intensity, is not obvious.

  Misunderstanding 4: There are whole-body or partial choices for exercise weight loss. Some people often hear or see words such as “reducing the waist”, “reducing the hips” and “reducing the abdomen” in the advertisements. Then, can local sports reduce local adulthood?What about people?

First, local exercise consumes less total energy, is prone to fatigue, and is not durable; second, a small amount of energy is controlled by the nervous and endocrine systems, but this adjustment is systemic, not part of it.Reducing excess fat in some areas, or where the blood supply conditions are good, is conducive to micro-consumption, where to lose weight.

For example, after the exercise of the dieter stops, the waist circumference is not much smaller, but the cheek is thin, which is why.

The amount of exercise consumed is greater than the transient of absorption, which will result in a reduction in the body of the adult, rather than just subtracting one part and leaving the rest.

  Misunderstanding 5: The exercise intensity is reduced, the shorter the exercise, the better the weight loss effect. Only the long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise can consume the excess aunt. This is because the muscles mainly use the oxide oxide to obtain energy during the small-intensity exercise, so the adult consumesGot it fast.

The exercise intensity is increased, and the proportion of adult consumption is only 15%.

So, easy and slow, long-term low-intensity exercise or heart rate is maintained at 100?

Continuous exercise of 124 times / minute is the most beneficial for weight loss.

Older diets should focus on certain aspects

Older diets should focus on certain aspects

The main diseases currently threatening the health of middle-aged people are various types of chronic non-communicable diseases, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, stroke, malignant tumors, diabetes and osteoporosis.

The occurrence of these diseases is closely related to the unhealthy lifestyle, which is particularly related to the unreasonable structure of the expected structure and the imbalance of nutrient absorption.

  Eating should slow down the elderly should be easy to eat, chew slowly, so that it is conducive to the secretion of various digestive juices, better digestion and absorption of food, to avoid eating too fast.

  Eating and drinking Eile’s quiet and pleasant mood is conducive to digestion and increase appetite.

On the contrary, it will affect appetite and prevent digestive function.

It’s easy to get sick when eating, and it’s very bad for your health!

  When eating should be eaten in a special way, you should abandon all kinds of trivial matters, focus on the food, enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of the food, which is conducive to taste the taste of food, and absorb and absorb.

  Avoid eating cold or eating cold drinks, such as ice cream, frozen mung bean soup.

  Avoid spicy eating or not eating onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, leeks, etc., at the same time, be careful to stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

  Avoid greasy less oyster sauce, fat and fried fried foods, dairy products (milk, crisp, casein).

  Avoiding hair refers to foods that can cause recurrence of old diseases, new diseases, such as sputum, sputum, spicy, etc., as well as some special foods such as buckwheat, bean sprouts, chicken head, goose, duck head, parsley and so on.

  Avoid sticking and eating less sticky rice, barley and other sticky smooth foods.

  Taboo eat less seafood, lamb, dog meat, etc. These foods are mild and prone to heat, so the hot constitution, such as the usual easy to get angry, dry mouth, dry stool should eat less, or the symptoms will be aggravated.

  High proportion of food in the population According to an estimate of middle-aged intellectuals, it is found that although thermal energy and protein have reached the standard of supply (RDA), the proportion of trace amount to total volume exceeds 30% (standard is 20%?
25%), adult intake is too much, which is easy to suffer from colon cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

According to the Shanghai Cancer Institute, the incidence of these cancers increased significantly in the early 1980s in the 1990s.

The reason is related to the increase in the digestion of meat in the expected structure, and a small number of substitutions have an important relationship.

  Fresh vegetables eat less from the residents survey found that beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium and supplemental fiber are generally insufficient, which is related to eating yellow-green vegetables.

Yellow-green vegetables are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and supplemental fiber, which are beneficial to prevent these diseases.

  The food is too fine white rice white noodles to make vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and infused fiber insufficient absorption.

  Expected skew According to the general budget survey, the average daily salt consumption is about 13 grams, which exceeds the salt standard of 10 grams per person per day, which is prone to high blood pressure and stomach cancer.

Don’t want a partial eclipse For the elderly who are very fat or have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, it is entirely appropriate to eat less oil.

For most older people, eating meat, fish and eggs properly is not harmful, but beneficial.

  Easy to digest, regular quantitative elderly digestion and absorption function is low, food should be chopped and boiled as much as possible.

Meat can be made into meat, and vegetables should be fresh.

Greasy or fried foods are not easy to digest, and eating more will make the supplement too much, and should be supplemented.

In particular, the elderly should avoid overeating.

Overeating will not only cause acute gastric dilatation, indigestion, but also acute pneumonia, cholecystitis or gallstones, biliary colic and myocardial infarction.

Should eat less meals, regular and quantitative ways of eating.

  ”Fine” should be appropriate, “rough” to moderately have more teeth loose or missing teeth, or other dental diseases, chewing difficulties.

Therefore, the elderly often love to eat foods that are less crude and easy to chew.

Also, due to the influence of the concept of “not getting tired of food”, it is always considered that it is better to eat, more nutritious, and easier to digest.

This often causes constipation in the elderly.

Therefore, the proper diet of the elderly should not only take care of the supplement of the teeth, but also can not substitute for the adverse effects of digestion, but also prevent the excessive substitution of fine foods.

Eat some foods containing cellulose in moderation.

  Reasonable drinking water, acid-base balance elderly people generally drink 1500 per day?
2000 ml is more suitable.

But drink less water before going to bed at night to avoid excessive urination and affect sleep.
The elderly often have renal arteriosclerosis, which has a poor ability to regulate the acid-base balance in the body. If the food is not properly matched, it may cause imbalance in acid-base balance.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a good balance between the income of the elderly and the acid-base balance.

It’s not a good habit to cut green vegetables too much.

It’s not a good habit to cut green vegetables too much.

Taomi is too clean and the vegetables are too broken. It is not good to get used to cooking rice when the rice is too clean, and the vegetables are too cut, it is not a good habit.

The chief physician of the hospital’s endocrinology department said that cutting vegetables too much is not conducive to alleviating constipation.

According to the doctor, a patient with long-term constipation usually pays attention to diet. The vegetables on the table are thick, but constipation has not improved.

It turned out that this patient always cut the vegetables too much, although it is convenient to eat, but the role of promoting gastrointestinal motility is greatly reduced.

Physicians recommend that the more complete the vegetables, the better, and can not be too cooked, especially for people with high blood lipids and high blood sugar.

Many people cook rice and rice, and they have to wash the rice.

As everyone knows, while dumping the rice water, the vitamins are also following the water.

The doctor said that the rice sold by the merchants is now very bad, and the rice does not need to be washed so clean.

I am afraid of high blood fat, high cholesterol, only eat coarse grains and meat products are not sticky at all. After getting diabetes, if you have a little sweet taste, you will not eat them. These eating habits are not desirable.

For nutritional supplements, doctors recommend eating at seven points and relying on three points.

Supplements are the material basis of nutrition. Supplements are needed to supplement the nutrients needed in the body. However, when it is not expected to meet the requirements, the corresponding health products should be eaten to maintain the body’s needs. For example, scientific research shows that Chinese people need to absorb 800 per day.Up to 1000 ml of milk to make up calcium. If you can’t drink a certain amount of milk, you can choose dairy or calcium tablets to supplement it.


Elderly health: the elderly should not go a hundred steps after a meal

Elderly health: the elderly should not go a hundred steps after a meal

As the saying goes: “After a meal, walk a hundred steps and live to ninety-nine.”

But some people also said: “To live ninety-nine, don’t go after dinner.”

I think these two perspectives are suitable for different people.

  A hundred steps after a meal, suitable for people who usually have too many activities, work at a long time, have a fat body and have too much stomach acid.

A variety of people walk for 20 minutes after a meal, helping to reduce a small amount of accumulation and gastric acid secretion, which is good for your health.

  Do not leave after a meal, suitable for people with poor physical condition and frailty.

These people should not only take a walk after a meal, but even the general movement should be reduced.

Because the stomach contents increase, if it is active at this time, it will increase the burden on the stomach, and in severe cases, it will cause the stomach to sag.

  From a medical point of view, the elderly should not go a hundred steps after a meal.

Because the digestive function is poor in the elderly, a large amount of food is concentrated in insulin after meals. Metabolic blood is needed to help digestion. If you come to a “hundred step” immediately, it may be necessary to transfer some blood to the lower limb muscles.Infusion of blood supply will be significantly reduced, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.

  For elderly people with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, it is not appropriate to “walk a hundred steps” immediately after a meal.

Because the blood pressure of the elderly tends to decline after a meal, and then “hundred steps”, it will increase the heart load, so that the heart, brain blood supply is insufficient, prone to dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, limbs, and even sudden faintingFalling, this is very dangerous.

Therefore, for the elderly, it is best to sit still after a meal.