[Can you eat hazelnuts during pregnancy]_Pregnant women_Can you eat

[Can you eat hazelnuts during pregnancy]_Pregnant women_Can you eat

Many people know that nuts are very expensive and have a high nutritional value. Hazelnuts are also one of the nuts that people often like to eat. Hazelnuts are produced in the local northeast region of Turkey. Many people like them. They are particularly delicious. Their nutritional valueHigh, the price is a little expensive, hazelnut contains relatively high protein, but also contains eight amino acids, pregnant women eat it is good for the development of the fetus.

And it has a lot of effects.

Everyone likes to eat all kinds of nuts, hazelnuts are one of the more popular ones.

Hazelnuts, like other nuts, are rich in nutrients. Eating hazelnuts properly can add a lot of nutrients and have a positive effect on human health. Can pregnant women eat hazelnuts?

Pregnant women can eat hazelnuts.

Among the “Four Big Nuts”, hazelnuts have been eaten for the longest time, and have the highest nutrient content. They have the title of “King of Nuts”.

Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients. In addition to protein, trace amounts, and sugars in nuts, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin E are abundant.

Hazelnuts contain eight amino acids needed by the human body, which are far higher than walnuts.

Hazelnuts are also higher in calcium, phosphorus, and iron than other nuts.

Hazelnut oil has a good nourishing effect on people who are weak, ill, and prone to obesity.

Hazelnuts have a natural aroma. The more chewed in the mouth, the more fragrant it is. It has an appetizing effect.

Hazelnut contains the anti-cancer chemical paclitaxel, which is the active ingredient in taxol. This medicine can treat ovarian cancer and cancer, as well as other cancers, and can extend the life of patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hazelnuts have the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing vitality, walking with eyesight, absorption of thirst, night sweats, nocturia and other symptoms of lung and kidney deficiency.

Hazelnuts can accept base acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and appropriate supplementation by expectant mothers, which can enhance the mother’s and children’s immunity, which is great for the development of the baby’s brain.

Rich in calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, it is beneficial to the development of bones, teeth and skin of the baby.

[Crystal Sydney Water]_How to cook_How to cook

[Crystal Sydney Water]_How to cook_How to cook

Rock Sugar Sydney has a very nourishing effect, and is a very delicious alternative. It especially has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, and facilitating water.

When making rock candy Sydney, it is best to choose polycrystalline rock candy, choose fresh pears, and you can also add the right amount of wolfberry and red dates. When cooking, the time should not be too short.Sydney water, cough and lungs will be better.

Ingredients: Polycrystalline rock candy, 2 pears, wolfberry or red dates, water.

1. Try to choose the kind of juicy and thin-skinned pears, and make the pears into small pieces, not too small, otherwise it will be easy to stew; 2. Use polycrystalline crystals, not single crystals.

Single crystals are translucent, pure white small square grains; polycrystalline ones are yellowish lumps with irregular shapes like crystals.

Usually buy sugar is best to choose the kind of yellowish.

3. Wash the Chinese wolfberry or red dates. If it is a kind of very dry red dates, it is recommended to soak the hair first.

4. Put the appropriate cold water in the pot, add the right amount of rock sugar when it is boiling; 5. Continue heating on low heat, then add the prepared pears, continue to simmer on low heat, turn off the heat for about 20-40 minutes;, Halfway through can add wolfberry or red dates; pour out and set aside to cool before drinking.

Rock sugar Sydney not only has a delicious taste and a beautiful appearance, but also a very useful dietetic medicinal diet. It also has significant effects and effects on certain symptoms.

Rock sugar is warm, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, nourishes lungs and coughs, has a good therapeutic effect on coughing lungs, no cough due to dry cough, and expectoration and blood.

Widely used in high-end supplements and health products produced in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Elderly sugar can also relieve dry mouth.

Rock sugar is edible except for diabetic patients.

Runfei cough, dry cough, dry cough without sputum, expectoration and blood are particularly suitable for consumption.

[How to drink winter melon skin to lose weight]_Weight loss_What to do

[How to drink winter melon skin to lose weight]_Weight loss_What to do

The improvement of living standards and the reduction of exercise have led to an increasing number of people. In order to lose weight, many friends are doing everything they can, but not all methods can work, not all methods can achieve satisfactory results.Sometimes the tips can also achieve the purpose of weight loss. Taking winter melon skin as an example, let’s talk about how to drink winter melon skin to lose weight. We might as well look at the content!

Winter melon is a very popular ingredient in hydrating melon in summer, and the adult content and sugar content of winter melon are very low, which can not only beautify, but more importantly, lose weight.

Before eating winter melon, it is often necessary to remove the winter melon skin, so that you can eat delicious winter melon.

However, the whole melon is a treasure, and the melon skin is also edible.

Melon skin can boil water to lose weight. Gum melon skin contains propionate, which can reduce the chance of sugars being converted into feces and effectively prevent the accumulation of feces in the human body.

Moreover, the adult content and sugar content in the melon skin are not high by themselves, and regular consumption can effectively prevent the body from gaining weight.

When do winter melon peels boil water to lose weight? The best effect is to drink on an empty stomach, and it is best to take it half an hour before eating.

If your stomach is not particularly good, don’t drink it early in the morning, you can have a drink before eating at noon, and you can have a drink at night when you sleep.

Of course, with the right amount of exercise effect will be more significant.

How to make winter melon skins? First take out the dried and dried winter melon skins and put them in reserve. After the water is boiled, put the winter melon skins in and boil it for 10 minutes on a high fire.
Tip: If you want to lose weight, it is better to cook it with corn.

What are the benefits of melon skin boiling water? 1, water and swelling, the content of potassium in melon skin is significantly higher than sodium, is a typical representative of high potassium and low sodium vegetables, very helpful for patients with edema, and the melon skin is sweet andColdness has a certain effect on eliminating edema.

2. Clearing heat and relieving summer heat, the skin of melon is cold, having the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

In summer, the weather is relatively hot, so you can soak the water with melon peel to relieve the heat.

If you have symptoms of heat stroke, such as dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, etc., you can take a certain amount of melon peel and ume, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, etc. to boil water to drink, the effect will be more significant.

In addition, many skin diseases or scabies caused by damp heat, skin eczema and other diseases are treated with melon peel.

3. Clearing heat and relieving cough. Winter melon skin can be used for patients with cough due to phlegm heat and internal resistance. It is often used together with phlegm resolving phlegm.

Tip: For people who want to use the melon to remove moisture and heat, it is recommended that the melon tea or melon soup is best cooked by yourself, and washed with a belt after cooking. It is not advisable to add sugar. The effect of water and dehumidification is ideal.

Generally selling winter melon tea with a lot of sugar added, I am afraid that the effect of dampness and heat removal cannot be achieved at all. Drinking too much is not good for your health.

Guolian (603613): Deep Plow Industry Internet from Information Matching to B2B E-commerce Platform

Guolian (603613): Deep Plow Industry Internet from Information Matching to B2B E-commerce Platform

1) The company relies on Guolian Resources Network to develop platform business and raise funds through IPO5.

The 30,000 yuan company mainly provided information-based yellow pages services at first, and then switched to transaction conversion to provide diversified services.

The company’s main website, Guolian Resources Network, serves small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries; the multiple platforms that it subsequently established serve upstream and downstream companies in the coatings, chemicals, sanitary products, and glass industries.

And finally raised funds in the IPO in 20195.

300 million officially entered the A-share market.

2) The three major businesses of the company are developing synergistically. The current vertical e-commerce platform is the core growth driver. At present, the company is in a state of rapid growth. In 2018, the company’s revenue increased by 84% to 36.

70,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mother increased by 60% to 93.86 million yuan.

The company’s main business sectors include B2B information services, vertical e-commerce and technical services.

Among them, vertical e-commerce revenue accounted for 96% in 2018, and gross profit accounted for 64%, which 武汉夜生活网 is currently the core driving force for the company’s revenue growth.

3) The company’s scale advantage integrates upstream and downstream low-efficiency transformations. In the future, the core advantages of companies developing new categories of industries are reflected in the downstream concentration of the industrial chain. The company uses industrial vertical websites to connect upstream suppliers and downstream manufacturers.The use of long-term framework to stabilize the needs of large customers and suppliers.

Help each sub-industry improve matching efficiency and save procurement costs.

With the continuous expansion of the company’s scale, the company is expected to further integrate the supply chain in the future, form a strong ability to hold down books, and develop new sub-industries based on the platform.

Investment suggestion: The company deeply cultivates the industrial Internet. Relying on the rich unit resources and industrial advantages of the Guolian Resource Network, it continues to connect upstream and downstream customers in low-concentration industries, and ushers in high growth after conversion to a B2B e-commerce platform. It is expected to continue to integrate upstream and downstreamSupply chain, expanding other categories, high growth can be expected.

We expect the company’s attributable net profit for 2019-2021 to increase to 1 per annum.

5 billion, 2.

3.2 billion and 3.

3.5 billion.

Considering that comparable companies of the same type of B2B platform correspond to an average PE estimate of about 58 in 2019-2020.

0X and 40.

2X, the company’s current volume is small and its growth rate will accelerate in the future. The company is given a valuation of 42X PE in 2020, corresponding to a reasonable value of about 69.

32 yuan / share, the first coverage is given an “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: risks such as false information, high prepayments, and the risk of large changes in industrial product prices.

Twenty-six (002467): Interim profit up Corporate communications business steadily improves performance and maintains rapid development

Twenty-six (002467): Interim profit up Corporate communications business steadily improves performance and maintains rapid development

Investment Highlights Event: In the first half of 2019, 263 achieved operating income of 510.

08 million yuan, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.


In the first half of 2019, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent was 64.

22 million yuan, an increase of 60 in the future.

twenty three%.

Operating income has increased steadily, and profit growth has continued to rise: Affected by the increase in Internet Data Center (IDC) business income, this report period consolidated the full range of 263 Global Communications results, and the company’s operating income increased 20 in the first half of 2019.


In the first half of 2019, the gross profit margin of 263 sales was 54.

65%, a decrease of 5 compared with the same period last year.

47 PCs, mainly due to the decrease in the company’s business gross profit margin; the net sales margin was 12.

46%, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.

43 PCs.

The net cash flow from operating activities of the company in H1 2019 was 57.

68 million yuan, an increase of 225 over the same period last year.


Three fees changed slightly, domestic and North American markets go hand in hand: 2019H1 263 realized domestic market operating income of 258.

26 million yuan, accounting for 50 of the company’s operating income.

63%; foreign market realized operating income of 251.

82 million yuan, accounting for 49 of the company’s operating income.


2019H1 two six three sales expenses 87.

74 million yuan, then increase by 1.

64%; company management expenses (including R & D expenses) 135.

95 million yuan, a decrease of 0 previously.

85%; company financial 西安耍耍网 expenses -6.

21 million yuan, followed by an increase of 22.


The video layout has achieved initial results and actively builds international communications business: 263 video conferencing products continue to be deployed in the education market, and live online schools have been created. The dual-class classroom products have already achieved initial results.

Adhering to national strategies such as the “Belt and Road” and “Going Global”, the company has actively deployed its international communications business.

In the field of international communications business, the company has made strategic use of NTT to make full use of NTT’s brand influence, high-quality customer resources and global marketing capabilities to complete the IDC + VPN networking product and solution capacity building and expand the company’s 杭州桑拿网 own business scale.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

12 yuan, 0.

16 yuan, 0.

20 yuan, the current expected corresponding PE is 45/35 / 28X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Sino-U.S. Trade frictions are alleviated and expected, video technology research and development progress is less than expected, and the risk of loss of core customers.

Chinese Media (600373): Optimization of the main publishing industry and adjustment of Zhixingxingtong’s agent distribution

Chinese Media (600373): Optimization of the main publishing industry and adjustment of Zhixingxingtong’s agent distribution

Event: The company disclosed its 2018 annual report and realized revenue of 115 in 2018.

1 ‰, a decrease of 13 per 南京夜网 year.

48%; net profit attributable to mother 16.

19 ppm, an increase of 11 in ten years.

53%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers 14.

63 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

47%; net cash flows from operating activities26.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 73 in ten years.


2018Q4 single quarter revenue 25.

24 ppm, a reduction of 41 a year.

5%; net profit attributable to mother in a single quarter4.

12 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.


2018 revenue was slightly lower than expected, and net profit was basically in line with expectations.

The company’s 2017 annual report operating plan is expected to achieve revenues of 14 billion to 15 billion in 2018, operating costs of 9 billion to 10 billion; actual revenue of 115.

100 million, operating costs 71.

800 million US dollars, the average value exceeded expectations, the first is the company’s publishing sector and change the gross profit margin reset of non-core business, meanwhile, the revenue of Zhixingtong games has entered a mature period.

In 2018, revenues from printing, logistics, and material trade decreased by 36.

1% / 32.

1% / 17.

3%, the revenue of the new business format is reduced by 23 every year.


At the same time, the gross profit margin of the printing and logistics sectors increased, and the mobile game sales expenses decreased by 4 compared with the same period last year.

200 million US dollars, a previous decline of 62%, so the company’s revenue is reduced by 13 per year.

In the case of 5%, the net profit will increase by 11 per year.


Zhixingtong’s profit contribution is stable, and agent distribution has become a growth point.

Zhixingtong achieved sales revenue of 31.

200 million, a decrease of 21 a year.

6%; realized consolidated net profit 7.

38 ppm, a ten-year increase4.


“The Conflicts of Kings” (COK) has an average monthly flow of 1.

6 trillion, a decrease of 35% over the same period last year.

After the blockbuster works entered the Chengdu period, Zhixingtong expanded its marketing expenses and strengthened cooperation with excellent domestic production teams such as Folding Paper Technology.

2018 Game Agency Segment Cost1.

78 ppm, an increase of 39% in ten years, confirming that the company’s “miracle warm”, “love and producer” and other game agency publishing revenue increased.In 2019, in addition to continuing to promote self-developed products such as “Call of Duty Disputes” mobile games, the company will continue to strengthen the mobile agent overseas distribution business.

Textbook teaching and supplementary business remained stable, and general books continued to grow.

In 2018, the company’s textbook teaching aid revenue was 3 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 2%, of which the revenue from the textbook teaching aid distribution business increased.


, And rent-based textbook publishing revenue5.

3.9 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 25%.

Under the policy of uniformly compiling, reviewing, and using the “new three subjects” textbooks, the company’s textbook teaching and auxiliary business has remained stable as a whole, reflecting the province’s internal channel integration advantages.

General book income 36.

800 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.

At 4%, the company ranks seventh in the national book retail market and ranks fourth among local publishing groups. It continues to reflect the competitiveness of the main publishing industry.

Revise down 2019-2020 profit forecast and maintain “overweight” rating.

The company adjusted the share repurchase program to lower the minimum size of the repurchase funds from 1.

From US $ 500 million to US $ 300 million, it reflects the company’s confidence in its future business prospects.

In 2018, the company’s revenue structure changed. After the publishing sector business was cut, the revenue growth rate abruptly changed. The mobile game sector is in the transition period of the post-COK era.

We have slightly lowered the company’s net profit forecast for mothers from 2019 to 2020 to 17.

35 billion / 18.

17 ppm (previous profit forecast was 19).

40 billion / 21.

550,000 yuan), plus 2021 attributable net profit forecast19.

28 ppm, corresponding to 12/12/11 times the PE, the current estimate is still at historical levels, maintaining the “overweight” level.

[Contraindications to iodine disinfection]_Bactericidal effects_Precautions

[Contraindications to iodine disinfection]_Bactericidal effects_Precautions

Iodine is a kind of disinfection drug composed of iodine and alcohol, so people with wounds on their bodies will inevitably feel pain during the process of iodine disinfection because the iodophor contains a certain amount of alcohol.

Due to the obvious sterilization effect of iodophors, the use of iodophors in modern medicine is very wide. Whether in surgery or injection treatment, iodophors need to be used.

But are there some contraindications in using iodophor disinfection?

Iodine effect1. Iodine can be used for disinfection of vegetables, fruits, tableware, and children’s toys, but it must be replaced, it must be replaced 30 times, and it must be used now (replacement solution is unstable), Soak the things to be disinfected for 5-10 minutes.

2. You can sterilize the mucosal parts such as oral and maxillofacial gynecology, and you need to replace them. The ratio of purified water to iodophor is 10: 1.

3. It can be used for disinfection before surgery and other skins, skin disinfection at various injection sites, instrument immersion disinfection and disinfection before vaginal surgery.

Iodine volts can be used to disinfect skin lesions, including burns and scalds. Iodine volts can also form a protective film on the wound surface, which is conducive to wound healing.

Precautions when using iodophors, the period of validity of iodophors is 2 years. It is best to choose a 100ml vial for household use. Usually, it should be sealed and stored in a cool, light place.The temperature is 30 ° C-40 ° C.

2, iodophor should be used in acid or neutral environment, because its bactericidal effect is weakened in alkaline environment.

Organic substances (eg oils, proteins, etc.) can also reduce their effectiveness and should be avoided.

3. The concentration of iodophor is 0.

5%, it takes more than half a minute for disinfection of injection site, it needs to be kept for more than two minutes for disinfection of skin and wounds, and it needs to be replaced by purified water 10 times for disinfection of mucous membranes such as oral cavity and gynecology.

4. Iodine is corrosive to divalent metals such as copper, aluminum, and steel. It cannot be used for disinfection and soaking of these metal products.

5. Iodine has certain resistance to organic substances (some oils, soaps, etc.). If you encounter disinfection of such items, you should increase the drug concentration or extend the time to ensure the disinfection effect.

6. Iodine is a substitute for free iodine and alcohol. The principle of disinfection is still the super strong oxidation of free iodine atoms, which can destroy the cell membrane structure and protein molecules of pathogens.

When used properly, the results are very reliable.

However, because of its strong oxidizing power, it can also cause burns to the skin tissue.

So use alcohol to remove iodine.

[Does the maternal jealous return milk?]_ Confinement_Impact

[Does the maternal jealous return milk?]_ Confinement_Impact

Vinegar is a common condiment that we usually use. However, women are very weak after giving birth to children. Generally, they need to take a good rest. They also need to pay special attention to their diet. Maternal women can be jealous.It can cause milk back, everyone can rest assured, but it is best for women to be jealous after giving birth, otherwise it will increase stomach acid, if taken in large amounts, it will damage the gastric mucosa.

Can confinement be jealous? Vinegar is one of the most common seasonings in our daily life. We know that the maternal diet during confinement is directly related to the postpartum recovery of the mother and the problem caused by the baby, so the maternal diet during confinement is reduced.It is especially important. So, can confinement be jealous?

Confinement jealous?

There is a traditional saying that it is not appropriate to be jealous during confinement. Traditionally, it is said that jealous confinement will affect the mother’s physical recovery and cause the phenomenon of returning milk. Then, can confinement be jealous?

Experts said that during the confinement period, women can eat vinegar in an appropriate amount, and eating an appropriate amount of vinegar during confinement can increase appetite and also have the effect of prolactin.

Confinement jealous benefits 1, increase appetite Confinement jealous?

What are the benefits of confinement?

It is understood that vinegar is mainly transformed by fermentation of sorghum, glutinous rice, yellow rice, etc. The vinegar is mainly acidic. If vinegar is conceived, it can effectively promote the appetite of the mother. Postpartum mothers will be more obvious due to their physical relationship.The phenomenon of loss of appetite, a moderate amount of vinegar can effectively promote maternal appetite and improve symptoms of postpartum loss of appetite.

2. The reason why many lactating women do not dare to be jealous during confinement is because they are worried that vinegar confinement will affect the secretion of breast milk, but according to relevant medical evidence, vinegar confinement will not affect the secretion of maternal milk, but jealous confinement canIncrease maternal appetite and thereby increase milk secretion to achieve prolactin effect.

3. Promote digestion and confinement. Eating vinegar can also effectively promote the digestion and absorption of maternal gastrointestinal tract. We know that constipation will occur to varying degrees during confinement. Confinement and vinegar can effectively promote maternal gastrointestinal motility and improve confinement.Child jealous.

The disadvantages of confinement jealous1, affecting dental health So what are the disadvantages of confinement?

Is confinement jealous harmful to the mother?

First of all, confinement and jealousy will cause a certain corrosive effect on the parturient mother. We know that the mother’s teeth are relatively fragile. If they are jealous, they will cause the teeth to loosen.

2. Affecting gastrointestinal health Improper vinegar confinement will also have a huge impact on the gastrointestinal function of the mother. We know that the gastrointestinal function of the mother during confinement is fragile because vinegar is an irritating condiment.Too much will cause damage to the maternal stomach.

3, affect the baby’s health, confinement, too much vinegar will affect the normal milk, confinement, too much vinegar will also affect the baby’s health and development, so confinement jealous must pay attention to the right amount to avoid affecting the baby’s health.

[Onion sterilization]_ sterilization_ can you

[Onion sterilization]_ sterilization_ can you

Onion is a vegetable that is very common in people’s daily life. It is also one of the common raw materials for making alternatives. It has many benefits for the human body, so it can balance the blood pressure of the human body and is suitable for patients with high blood pressure. It is very suitable for reducing cholesterolHigh human consumption can also effectively prevent human cardiovascular disease.

With so many benefits, can it be sterilized?

Let ‘s introduce the onion sterilization.

The benefits of onions are many. First, the sterilization ability is super strong. The allicin produced by it has an oxidizing effect. It promotes the decomposition of bacteria in one step, resulting in the inability to breed bacteria and reducing the harm to the human body. In the past, Chinese medicine often made coldsThe patient chewed onions, which is a small recipe of folk and Chinese medicine.

Onion is also effective in promoting blood pressure balance. It has a variety of nutrients, which can improve the body’s metabolism and improve immunity. Onion can effectively reduce cholesterol because it can sulfur dioxide. It is noted that it can protect blood pressure, balance and prevent blood clots., And atherosclerosis.

In terms of lowering blood sugar, onion also has a specific function, because it contains xanthobutyric acid, which can promote the rapid absorption of sugar by the cells, making the body consume excess glucose to achieve the purpose of balance.

Eating more onions is beneficial to vasodilation, because it contains prostaglandin a, which allows more sodium ions to leave the blood vessels, making the blood vessels more permeable.

Onion is so good, and it is one of the daily side dishes, but some people cannot eat onion, including those with gastrointestinal diseases. After the onion enters the stomach, it will increase gastric acid secretion, breaking through the previous acid-base environment, excessive gastric acid secretion, and the stomach.The absorption efficiency of nutrients will be reduced, and digestive function will be reduced, so you should eat onions as little as possible when your stomach is abnormal.

Onions are also contraindicated for some people with sensitive skin. Patients with symptoms of rash, pain, and itching should avoid eating onions because of irritation and avoid irritation that causes complications.

For some patients with hypertension, often eating onions will cause a burden, because it contains a lot of rich phosphorus elements, excessive absorption will cause insufficient insulin metabolism, minerals often gather on the surface of onions, you should use before eatingRinse gently with water for a few minutes. This will minimize the amount of minerals and thus reduce the attachment of phosphorus, which will not cause excessive accumulation in the body.

[Can pregnant women eat dried bamboo shoots]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women eat dried bamboo shoots]_Pregnancy_Impact

It is said that pregnant women should eat more seasonal foods. Now the bamboo shoots are on the market and they are usually put during cooking, but can pregnant women eat bamboo shoots?

Can pregnant women eat bamboo shoots?

Pregnant women can eat dried bamboo shoots.

Benefits for pregnant women to eat dried bamboo shoots: The dried bamboo shoots are made of gramineous bamboo such as light bamboo shoots through traditional manufacturing methods.

It is mainly produced in Fujian, Hubei and other southern provinces, and is one of the traditional dried vegetables.

It contains protein, trace amounts, syrup and vitamins.

It has nutritional value such as helping digestion, preventing diarrhea, reducing weight and blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, detoxifying and diuretic, anti-cancer and preventing cancer, preventing snoring and laryngitis.

It is a daily supplementary dietary fiber for “urban nobles”, a balanced and nutritious delicious dish.

For people with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetic patients often eat dried bamboo shoots, which is particularly nutritional and therapeutic.

Its color, fragrance and taste are complete. For pregnant women who have no appetite and poor appetite, it is a good choice for a small amount of ingredients or ingredients.

Pregnant women should pay attention to dry bamboo shoots: during pregnancy is a special period, it is best not to overeat certain foods, it is best not to picky eaters, dried bamboo shoots have higher requirements on bamboo shoots, good nutritional value of high bamboo shoots, pay attention when selecting.